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Anger Management

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Anger Management Denver & Littleton

Don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you. Think about it overnight and remain silent. (Psalm 4:4) 

Stop your anger! Turn from your rage! Do not envy others – it only leads to harm. (Psalm 37:8)

All human beings experience anger in one way or another.  Everyone knows what anger is, they have felt it and experienced it in its various forms, such as a fleeting annoyance or as a full-fledged rage.  Anger is a completely normal and usually a healthy human emotion.

Have you ever blown your stack by over-responding to a situation? Maybe it would be better to ask if you know someone who hasn’t. Virtually everyone has said something in anger that they wish they could take back. After hurtful words are spoken or mean actions are taken, they can have a hurtful or escalating effect on others, and it is too late to un-do their impact.

Anger Management Counseling

That is why anger management counseling can be beneficial for those who have trouble controlling angry responses to irritating situations. There is no shame attached to seeking anger management counseling; in fact, true shame comes from the failure to admit there is a problem and trying to take remedial action.

Anger management counseling can be sought for many reasons. In some cases, a doctor, spouse, or supervisor may recommend it. In other cases, a person may be able to contain physical and verbal expressions of anger, but realize that emotionally, his or her rage surpasses what one should expect in a given situation. At the point of this recognition, a wise person will consider anger management classes, training, or counsel to keep their emotions under check and to manage responses in a healthy way.

Anger Management Counseling Goal

The goal of our anger management program is to help you reduce and control both your emotional feelings and the physical arousal that leads to your anger.  When an individual begins to understand why he or she is expressing anger in a certain manor, he or she is beginning to recognize the “trigger,” or the event that is leading him or her to express anger violently or passively.   As individuals begin to understand their “triggers,” they can begin to develop healthy ways of processing the anger before it escalates into an all-out rage or suppressed emotion.

Anger Is A Symptom Of Deeper Issues

One of the key fundamentals when learning anger management counseling techniques is to understand that anger is considered a symptom, not the problem; although anger can cause considerable problems. People usually get angry to regain power and control, as well as, to avoid vulnerable feelings such as shame, guilt, rejection, hopelessness, or helplessness.

Any type of personal counseling proceeds effectively when the client admits there is a problem or that others believe he or she has a problem. In this case, anger management counseling will focus on exploring the roots of unresolved anger, discovering triggers of current or unexplained anger, and looking at ways to try and bring anger under reasonable control. Working with a trained anger management counselor, a client will answer many questions about personal history, current conditions, and future expectations. He may even take one or more psychology tests that could provide insight to the patient’s mindset.

Anger Management Program

Getting out of pain now is always the main focus of solution oriented therapy, so it is usually brief. Some people may need only one session; others, more, but you are always in charge of deciding how many sessions you want.

The topics that are covered in our 12-session Anger Management Program:

Session 1:        The roots of anger
Session 2:        The cycle of abuse
Session 3:        What is my anger telling me?
Session 4:        How to be mindful
Session 5:        Emotion regulation
Session 6:        Tolerating the distresses in life
Session 7:        Understanding your needs
Session 8:        Healthy boundaries
Session 9:        Getting your needs met
Session 10:      Interpersonal Skills
Session 11:      Communication and Assertiveness Skills
Session 12:      Relapse Prevention

If you are wanting to setup an appointment for anger management, there are two ways to setup an appointment with one of our counselors: 1) Fill out the Contact Form and a counselor will call you with 24-hours; 2) Call our offices at 303-933-5800.

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